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Yesterday, Charm City. Tomorrow, everywhere else!

On Sunday I was able to make the quick trip down to Baltimore. I got to see the Broncos play live which was great. The Broncos had Kyle Orton as the quarterback, that wasn't so great.

fun stadium, terrible game, great company, great day
I really loved two things about the trip and neither one of them was the play on the field.

One was the fact that I got to hang out with a good friend of mine as he was in Washington D.C. for work. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to meet up in Baltimore and watch our beloved Broncos play. It was an absolute blast as we caught up on some old times in an area of the country that neither of us was too familiar with.

The second thing that I loved about the trip was that I rediscovered how much I love to travel. I love the exploration, I love the unknown. I had been to Baltimore before but I hadn't had the chance to explore Baltimore.

That started to change yesterday as we got see a lot of the Charm City (I never knew that was its nickname) but I want more. I want more Baltimore, I want more everywhere.

I've talked about how living in the Big Apple is a great primer for all my future travels. Within minutes I can visit a version of Italy, China, Japan, Greece, Korea, India, etc. I tweeted a few weeks ago from a Starbucks near Union Square about how there were 4 groups sitting around me and none of those groups were speaking English. I was surrounded by fascinating French, German, Chinese and Russian dialogue. I love learning from the mecca of melting pots that I am living in but I want more (damn I am greedy!).

On my list of goals, high on my list of goals is to obtain my private pilot's license. I don't want to do this for business purposes, just a hobby. Those that know me know that my life is not exactly structured as I really love being spontaneous.

What am I doing two weeks from now? Who knows... What am I doing for fun next weekend? Depends on what I am in the mood for. I guarantee that this mindset drives some of my friends and family crazy.

Being a pilot means that I will be able to take spur of the moment trips to wherever I want whenever I want.

A ballgame in Chicago? Looking forward to the cold Old Style on a warm day in Wrigley. Want to go fishing in Montana? Why not? Hungry for a crawfish boil with my friends in Louisiana? Sounds like a great random Sunday to me. Skiing in Winter Park or golf at TPC Sawgrass? Can't wait to crash on the moguls and hit it into the water on 17, errr...I mean can't wait to completely avoid the moguls and stick it on the famous island green (hey, I'm all about positive thinking but my knees know to avoid the moguls!!).

When will all this happen? Not sure, but it will. I just got a few business goals to achieve first. The great thing about when my business success does happen is that I will be able to do my work from anywhere in the world. Technology is allowing for that these days. The world is connected like never before and I am going to love connecting and working with people from every corner of it.

Below is a map of all of the states that I have traveled to so far (only 31 states! Absolutely pathetic!). I would put a world map up but I have only been outside of the country 3 times, and all three trips have been to Mexico (Puerto Vallarta, Playa Del Carmen, and Tijauna).

This will change. My business and personal ventures will take me everywhere. I will tour South America, have an African adventure, find the great spots in the middle east, connect with great minds in Asia, spend months scouring Europe, weeks in Australia, and I will explore the massive area that Canadians love so much. I will also see where my friends grew up in Hawaii and where my great, great grandparents lived in Europe. I will do all this; it is just a matter of time.

The best part about my future travels is that I will be a quick flight away from my true home at all times. No matter where I travel to I can guarantee that no place will top the Centennial State.

as of 10/11/2010 I have visited 31 states and 2 countries