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A big Thanksgiving Thank You to the Broncos and CSU Rams!

photo coutesy of the great Drew Litton. Check out his hilarious work at DrewLitton.com

For this Thanksgiving I want to give my heartfelt thanks to the Denver Broncos and the Colorado State Rams.

This past Saturday my beloved Rams put up a valiant fight against the hated Wyoming Cowboys and barely lost 44-0 to finish their great season with an identical 3-9 record as last year. Wyoming is a powerhouse in College Football as they came into the game with a daunting 2-9 record and were 0-7 in league play. Yep, completely understand how you can lose to a great team like that by a score of 44-0.

This past Monday we saw the Denver Broncos put up a tremendous first drive (I forgot what happened the rest of the game). All I know is that their outstanding season has ended before Thanksgiving for the first time in my memory (I was only 5 when the NFL went on strike after a Steve DeBerg led Broncos team started 2-7 in 1982). But in fairness to the Broncos - They do play in a very, very difficult division. The AFC West is led by the absolutely dominant Kansas City Chiefs who have a world beating record of 6-4.

So for my first Thanksgiving away from the Centennial State since my first couple years of college I really want to express my gratitude to the Rams and Broncos for doing everything they could to make me feel as little homesick as possible. You guys rock!!

Thank You to the Broncos great leader, Josh McDaniels, for staying with Kyle Orton despite his obvious lack of any competitive fire and his stat only approach (I've heard that you do need to actually score points every now and then and not just but up gaudy stats moving the ball between the 20's). Also thanks for getting rid of Peyton Hillis, as there is no way anybody could have seen that he had any talent (I hate 250 pound running backs that do not get tackled and can also catch the ball out of the backfield). It is very obvious that he couldn't have helped this team one bit.

Thank you to the Ram's CEO, Steve Fairchild, for forgetting how to call plays (or maybe that was Greg Peterson calling those creative plays during your first year and if so I am sure glad you fired that guy!). Also thanks for keeping Larry Kerr on your staff despite running a defense that I could gain a hundred yards against (I am deceivingly quick though!).

And finally, Every single one of my blog and twitter followers love you as they are very thankful that I will stop bitching about the both of you for the year...okay that is a probably a lie, but hey, maybe I won't bitch quite as much now! :)

Oh and one more thing that I am thankful of...I am really thankful that Valentine's Day is just around the corner!!!

That is right, you guessed it.........................

MLB Pitchers and Catchers report to Spring Training on February 14, 2011! :)