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A San Francisco treat (wow, what a lame headline!)

My traveling adventures continued this past week as my entrepreneurial ideas took me to the picturesque City by the Bay during the heart of the World Series and the midterm election. It was a pretty fascinating time to experience Northern California for the first time.

I learned that you have to be prepared to look beyond the price on the menu when ordering a bite to eat and a drink. Sometimes I felt like I paid for two meals and twice the amount drinks after paying the substantial Bay City taxes and the other miscellaneous taxes...errrr...I mean "assessments". One of my receipts had the following statement: "A 4% assessment is added to each check to help fund the San Francisco Health Care Initiative"...Yep, I must have been in the land of Nancy Pelosi.

Also, for some strange reason I was constantly reminded of the smell of the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder and of a Tom Petty concert that I went to in college. I also wondered why many, many, many people wearing tie dye shirts had signs cheering on their new cult hero, Tim Lincecum. I am sure that it was because of his ability to throw a fastball and not because of the ace's preference of Wacky Tobacky over Red Man.

I really don't think the failing of Prop 19 on Tuesday is going to impact people that much in San Francisco. I found out that San Franciscans really don't need the government's permission to get to know Mary Jane in public.  

Oh, and if you take your family there just prepared to tell your kids that they can't get a toy with their happy meal as San Franciscans voted on Tuesday to ban toys in the happy meal...really? Is this the type of stuff they really vote on in NoCal? ...okay enough political talk.

I spent the majority of this trip doing everything I could to turn my entrepreneurial ideas into realities. San Francisco and the neighboring Silicon Valley is truly the mecca of startups and technology, this is extremely obvious everywhere you go.

The local newspapers were full of articles on startups. The two guys at the coffee shop were talking about the latest company to receive early seed funding by First Round Capital. The couple at the bar was arguing about the impact of Facebook's new location based deals will have on Groupon. I loved all this startup talk as I am one of the geeks that are absolutely fascinated by these types of conversations.

The trip was a huge success business wise as I met some amazing new people and learned many invaluable lessons on how to get my ideas out of the hated idea phase. But, business talk is boring. Let me get to some of the fun stuff.

First of all, I am sick of the colors Orange and Black!!!

It is not because I am tired of Halloween decorations. It is because they are the colors of one of the baseball teams that I despise most, the San Francisco Giants. They just had to go and win their first World Series since the team moved to the west coast while I was in town. Yep, that was very annoying. I tried to root for my fellow NL west team, but I just couldn't do it.

As a die-hard Colorado Rockies fan, I admired the passion that the Giants fans showed but I was really annoyed by the amount of cheers that I heard every time Barry Bonds' name was mentioned or picture was shown. Nobody in that city really has any clue how big of a piece of S#!% that guy is, talk about denial. Ever since this team (of all teams) accused my Rockies of cheating this past year, well....okay sorry my baseball/steroid rant could go on and on and on (read this post if you really want to hear my views on the steroid issue again), so I will stop now. You are welcome! :)

Okay I lied, one more Baseball note: I found out that I sadly know more about my hated rivals than most bay area fans, this is not a knock on them and definitely not a credit to me.

Nope, this is a huge sign that I really need a life...I mean, doesn't everybody know all the details of Juan Uribe's career and doesn't everybody know that the Giants idiotic General Manager (who luckily put together this lineup) traded Francisco Liriano and Joe Nathan for the immortal Boof Bonser and one year of service from A.J. Pierzynski...yeah I impressed some Giant fans with this absolutely useless knowledge but I really am not that cool at all. :)

Okay, enough baseball talk. I really promise this time!

The city itself was unbelievable. I give Frisco a bit of a hard time in this post but it truly is a breathtaking city with a ton to offer (locals hate when you call it Frisco, by the way).

Some of my favorite spots: The fisherman's wharf area, the views from the Golden Gate Bridge (one of the best jogs I have ever taken), the Palace of Fine Arts, Lombard Street, The Presidio, and Chinatown. Regretfully I didn't make it to Alcatraz but that will be a must stop on my next trip.

Oh and if you go, plan on doing some walking on some steep hills, lots and lots of steep hills. Also, I highly recommend making a trip to San Francisco next October. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of the city without the thousands upon thousands of annoying Giants fans, as their absolutely pathetic lineup will show its true colors next year and they will be watching the Rockies play in October. :)

Damn, I promised to not talk about baseball anymore, okay I promise to stop now. Here are some pics from my trip.

106 days until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training and the start of a bad season for the Giants and a huge season for the Rockies.

Whoops!!!! Okay, now I am done talking baseball, I promise! ;)