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Can a Bronco exist in the land of Giants and Jets?

So much for my great experiment.

I had a great idea for today's blog as I was going to show how quickly I could find fellow Denver Bronco fans in this tiny little town. My goal was to watch the debut of the Tim Tebow era in a blue and orange friendly bar. Okay it was a meaningless pre-season game but as a lifelong Bronco fan, I just couldn't miss this one.

When living in downtown Denver I found out that just about every team had their home bar to watch games. Pats hosted the Eagles fans, Swanky's hosted the cheeseheads, etc. Well I figured New York was no different so I thought I would see if there was a bar that hosted us Colorado transplants.

20 years ago I would have had to either walk for 10 straight days and visit every sports bar in the city or I could have ran up my phone bill and made the call to everybody in the phone book.

But in today's Internet age, all I had to do was a quick google search, pose a question in a Denver Broncos forum, or ask Twitter, Yelp, or even find out if there was a Facebook fan page. So I did step one, a quick google search. This gave me all the answers that I thought I needed. The search had reviews of 2 bars from the following websites:

from Metromix.com 
Denver Broncos
Back Page Sports Bar (1472 Third Ave., 212-570-5800)
In Colorado, the Broncos are religion, so New Yorkers that need some healin’ should head to the Back Page. Known to host several games, BP often draws a large Seahawks fan base as well. 
note: they listed a bunch of teams in this article but I found this note about the Raiders very funny: "Oakland Raiders fans: Do yourself (and your self-respect) a favor, get DirecTV and watch it embarrassment/harassment free on your couch."

from transplantfans.com
Denver Broncos
Butterfield 8
5 E. 38th Street (between 5th and Madison) New York, NY 10016

"We are the official Broncos bar in NYC! So for any of you out in our fair city who would like to enjoy the game with sound and great drinks, come on over to Butterfield."

So I had two great choices. When I first got to New York I enjoyed a few beverages at the Back Page and thought it was a very good sports bar. So that was a solid option. I had never been to or heard of the Butterfield 8 so that was interesting as well. I checked out their website and noticed that it is in a much more expensive part of town so I figured the drinks would be pretty pricey. I chose the Back Page without doing any other research.

My day was going great, I got a lot of work done in one of my nearby offices on the Upper East Side (Barnes and Noble on 86th St) and was pumped to see some football. I headed to the Back Page about 15 minutes before kickoff and walked up to this:

What is a big dumpster in front of this great Denver Bronco bar? Well, that IS the bar. The place was completely gutted. No Bronco Fans, no Tebow jerseys, no televisions, no beer. Not a good place to watch the donkeys after all. Damn Google!

It was too late to hop on a train and try out the Butterfield 8 so I just went to a sports bar down the street. Did they have the game on? Nope, the pre-game show for Sunday Night Baseball was on every TV as the Mets were getting ready to play the Phillies (at least there were people in the bar wearing blue and orange!). I sat in the corner of the bar and asked the bartender to put the game on one of the side TV's (with no sound of course).

There were two guys sitting next to me at the bar; one was a Giants fan, one was a Jets fan. Over the next two plus hours I listened to them argue about who was the better QB: Eli or Sanchez (the only thing they agreed on was that the Patriots suck). I learned more about Giants and Jets then I ever cared to know.

So the moral to my story. Google is great, the Internet is great, but that thing that is called a phone is probably still a good idea. Maybe I'll try the Butterfield 8 next time or better yet, do more than 30 seconds of research.

Oh and by the way, GO TEBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is going to be a big time QB in this league. Their going to suck anyway this year, why not get him on the field early (maybe after week 8).