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Some random ramblings for a Friday afternoon

It has been a great week in the big city so I thought I would wrap it up with some random thoughts. I am writing this post today from one of my favorite offices: a Starbucks near the Lincoln Center which is just west of the southwest corner of Central Park.

This is one of my favorite neighborhoods as there are many great places to get some work done. Some reasons why:

My office at a Starbucks (63rd and Broadway)
  • There are 5 of the better starbucks in the city within a 10 block radius. While I am not a fan of the starbucks unhealthy coffee (shameless plug) I am a big fan of their many, many great locations and most importantly their late hours and free wi-fi. Plus I can always order a hot tea and ask for the tea separate (then I put my own healthy tea or coffee in the cup).
  • Central Park (my largest office in the city) is only a couple blocks away. This is great place to make some phone calls, film one of my quick video presentations, or just take a break and go for a walk. 
  • Right across the street from the Lincoln Center is my favorite Barnes and Noble in the city. This one has 4 levels with a cafeteria on the top floor with great views of the city while you work.
  • The Lincoln Center courtyard is very relaxing place and when the weather is nice I will just work there (they have free wi-fi there too). Last week I was pleasantly interrupted by some live music at one of their outdoor stages. A definite perk!
  • I just don't go to the big chain stores as this area is a close walk to a few of my favorite local coffee shops on the upper west side (north of where I am at) and in Hell's Kitchen (just south). I'll write separate posts about these areas one of these days as they are two of my favorite neighborhoods in Manhattan. 
My thoughts on the Mountain West Conference shakeup

It has been a crazy week in the world of Colorado State football and the rest of the Mountain West Conference (MWC). The big changes in the conference has been huge news here in the Big Apple - what I mean by huge news is that there was a bullet point in the New York Times sports section yesterday that read "BYU might go independent". Wow, great coverage of this big sports story. New Yorker response: "What is the freakin Mountain West? Must be a skiing association or something. Who gives a F#!% anyway, the yanks have won 3 in a row and are up by a game!"

For those of you with a life, you might not be caught up in these big changes. So let me give a quick recap: 

The LDS church (whoops, I meant Brigham Young University) tried to use the leverage they thought had and screw over the rest of the schools in the Mountain West Conference (MWC) which includes Colorado State. Their big plan was to go independent in Football and then make the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) more powerful than the MWC in other sports while at the same time crippling the MWC in football. The MWC leaders were prepared and quickly offered invitations to 2 of the 3 top remaining teams from the WAC (Fresno State and Nevada). These schools quickly accepted the invitations and left BYU looking like idiots. BYU lost all the leverage they thought they had and now might stay in the MWC after all.

The school that I feel really bad for is Hawaii as they are now left as the only decent team in what is a terrible conference (some of my best friends are Hawaii alums). Hawaii's Athletic Director said it best "It was like going in for a touchdown and then throw an interception and the other team returns it for a touchdown". This is the nasty part about the business of college athletics right now. It is my bet that Hawaii will come out of this mess stronger than ever (maybe even go independent themselves). Great recap from the Hawaii perspective in this article from the Honolulu Star Adviser - The Mountain West pulls another fast one on the WAC.

I would hate to lose BYU as they bring a lot of national attention to the conference but their actions these last couple days are truly disgusting. You would think that a church based school would.... okay I better not finish that last sentence! The funny thing is that it was the Colorado State Football twitter account that exposed their entire scheme. CSU claims the account was hacked and the tweets didn't come from the school. Either way, twitter might of saved the future of the Mountain West Conference.

This fight is far from over: today's Denver Post article on the subject. If you are a geek like me you will stay tuned to all the rumors on ramnation.com as this story seems to change by the hour.

And to finish the post today: The Rockies suck, but hey it is now football season!!!

Rockies management held on to Brad Hawpe until he had no trade value whatsoever (you would have thought they learned from the Garret Atkins fiasco from last year). They released the former All-Star a couple days ago. The fact is that Brad Hawpe has always had a way too long/swooping swing. This type of swing is prone to hot and cold streaks as it is difficult to maintain consistent timing. When he does gets the timing down he can be flat out dangerous but as he as gotten older it has been tougher and tougher to keep that swing on plane, in my opinion.

Watch out for this repeating itself next year with catcher Miguel Olivo (if the Rockies re-sign him). He had a tremendous first half which might get him a contract extension but he has been absolutely pathetic since the all-star break. His long swing is similar to Hawpe's and there are just way too many holes in it right now (he is hitting well below the Mendoza line since the All-Star break). He has also forgotten how to catch the ball (an important quality for a catcher) as he leads the majors in passed balls. Too bad Ianetta can't find his swing consistently either.

There was a lot of promise with this team but it looks to be about over. The back of the lineup is a huge reason why this season has gone south.

On the bright side the Broncos or Rams haven't lost a game yet!!! Ahh, the beauty of blind faith before the season starts!