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some interesting NYC pets

I get why Brooks Hatlen had a pet pigeon in the classic movie "Shawshank Redemption". CORRECTION: it was a raven (my buddy Steve happily corrected me). Note to self: trust Google and not your terrible memory! I guess I understand why people have exotic birds for pets (although I never would, they are extremely annoying). So I guess it makes sense why some folks would make the New York City pigeons their personal adopted friends.

Maybe I'm not local enough of a New Yorker yet but I bet I will always feel a little nauseous when I see a human covered with bird shit, call me crazy. Yesterday I ran into two of these interesting (screw loose, nuts, etc...) New Yorkers.

This lady is a fixture in Astoria Park (which is just a block from where I live). I snapped this picture yesterday morning on my way to the train. She is definitely one with nature. 
The combination of the birds and the squirrels
following her every move remind me of a cartoon
(a very creepy version of  a cartoon)
Later in the day I ran across this gentleman in Washington Square Park (near NYU in Manhattan). I had seen him before and I am pretty sure he chills is in the park with his flying friends every day. If you thought the lady has a screw lose, well than this dude is just plain weird! Note: I actually saw this guy talking with some kids about his friends with wings and he actually seemed really friendly and great with the kids. Yeah, but still creepy.
"sir, do you know that there is a pigeon eating food out of your hair?"
Growing up on a farm I saw my fair share of pigeons, mice, rats, spiders, etc. These critters never bothered me. Snakes however always made me jump out of my shoes. I know that it is supposed to be very healthy to overcome all of your fears in life but I am perfectly fine with never having to confront my fear of snakes. I just hate the damn things. 

A couple of weeks ago I saw this creative entrepreneur in Times Square. 
love the reaction by the girl on the right
He even gave the huge yellow serpent a very smart name to make it seem not so intimidating (Sponge Bob). No matter how trained Sponge Bob is, these kids are much braver than I am (it was hard enough for me to stand this close to get this picture!). 

I love animals and I think that having pets can be great (if you have the time to give them the attention that they deserve). However, these interesting New Yorkers take having pets to a whole new level. 

Have a great weekend everybody, go out and have fun. If you plan on throwing back a few cold ones then please have a sober alternative ride home lined up before you crack the first one. Do not bank on the "I'll just have a couple and be fine" method as it fails every time and can turn your great night hanging out with friends into a life altering experience that you will always regret.